Monday, January 24, 2011

Back To Work

The only way I know of to get over yesterday’s disappointment, is to roll up my sleeves and get back in the kitchen. Every day all of us here strive to make brgr the best company it can be and that means serving the best guilt-free burger on the face of the planet. This week we’re working on creating a new patty for our burger. While our burgers have always been made with fresh, never frozen grass-fed beef and cooked to order. It just is not in my nature to ever be satisfied. “Good enough” is not part of my vocabulary. I want brgr to be the best.

We have a lot of ideas about how we can make a great burger and today we’re going to start trying them out. A tweak to a grinder here, an extra dash of seasonings there, and you really never know what could happen. But since brgr is about pleasing everyone that walks through our doors, I really want to know what you would do to improve our burger. Leave a comment, tweet, hit us up on our facebook wall, or just come in and let us know what you think. Have a great week NY.


  1. We just stopped in for dinner and were very disappointed that you did away with the kids' meal. I wouldn't have minded if you upped the price, just make it easy for parents to order a burger and fries for their kid-- in a kid's size. We go there as a family, we love to support local businesses and yours is one of the best. Please bring back the kids meal. Thank you!

  2. Dear Metalcious,
    Thank you for your feedback. I am so sorry you were disapointed in your brgr experience. While the kid's meal did not work for us, we have been discussing offering two sizes of burgers. One would be more appropiate for children. I am also looking into doing burger and fries meals for one price. Would that help?

  3. I stopped in the other day and I noticed that the bun was different. I liked it but wasn't crazy about it dissolving into crumbs. it was literally falling apart. I don't know if it's because i asked for it well toasted or because of what it's made of but either way it was almost like having no bun at all. I think that's one area that could use improvement.

  4. I'm paleo, so eating grass-fed beef is really important to me. I think brgr is amazing, and I'm so happy there's finally a place like yours in NY! I do have a suggestion; eating paleo means wheat and any sort of starch that isn't seasonal fruit or vegetables is out. Ever consider making a burger with lettuce for buns - or some other wrap that more creative that I can't come with?

    Again - love you guys.

  5. Also - I'm not sure what oil you guys cook the meat in (if any), but coconut oil has been shown to be unbelievably healthy...even more so than olive oil...and it's also delicious. (Palm oil and macadamia nut oil are a close second, but they're super expensive.) I know this might sound weird, but when I'm not cooking with 75% lean beef that doesn't need its own oil, I fry my lean pattys in coconut oil. It's so good! Also, coconut sweet-potato fries and regular fries could be amaaaaazing.

  6. YES to smaller size burgers -for kids or those who can't eat a lot of meat at once
    YES to cooking patties in coconut oil, the best/healthiest choice (great comment Lindsey)
    YES to having lettuce leaves instead of a bun, or like Bareburger, offer to have it on top of a mixed veggie salad + extra toppings of choice

    Thanks for always aiming to offer the best quality burger/tastier burger ever, you guys are amazing!